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Crafted from beautiful western red cedar wood, aluminum, stainless, and galvanized steel, this sauna is made like the finest watercraft, hand-built, and ready to be customized to your every need (whether you want it to accommodate two people, or 18).
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Some time ago, friends and cold water surfers Tyler Sauter, Zak Robinson and Ross Beane decided they were tired of freezing their balls off after a winter session in New Hampshire.

Laird Hamilton

Have sauna, will travel. I combine my sauna sessions with a hydrotherapy cold plunge after my morning pool training. Lots of benefits for performance, both immediate and long-term. Aloha Surf Sauna


Surfing is a thrill but, depending on where and when you hit the waves, it can be cold. Really cold. Like, Super cold, and there's only so much a wetsuit can do. So, in lieu of searching for an endless summer, this customized, completely mobile Surf Sauna is ready to warm you up once you emerge from the ocean.



Great waves and great weather aren’t always mutually inclusive — and sometimes, getting away to catch the surf in nicer locales just isn’t an option. So if you often find yourself surfing in less-than-desirable weather, you need the Surf Sauna.