Off Road Kit - rig the sauna for real adventure, this includes a mounted shovel and hi-lift jack and larger wider tires for sand and mud. The extras in this are mounted securely to the sauna with custom brackets and hand sewn leather straps. We can add other cool things like a pick axe or a fuel can if that suits your fancy.


Changing tent and shower- for those of you who have an ounce of modesty this changing tent will keep you covered. It hangs off the side of the sauna on a stylish steam bent gantry arm (pictures soon) this kit comes with the NEMO Helio Pressure shower which is hands down the best surf session hose-down you can buy. 


Propane stove upgrade- If you want to set it and forget it this is the option for you. Crank the dial as you paddle out and the sauna will be hot in fifteen minutes and stay hot until you shut it down. The stove is a Scandia which means it's all stainless steel and the best quality sauna stove on the market. This model comes with a propane tank securely mounted to the tongue of the trailer.



Bluetooth wireless speakers- The DemerBox fully waterproof bluetooth speaker system is the best sounding and most rugged unit we've seen, and it's built in Maine. If you want incredible audio in your sauna add this option. 


Custom Logo- want the surf sauna to promote your business. We'll do your logo on the side instead of ours in any color you want including bare metal and pyrography (burnt into the wood)